Top good online PC games but are underestimated by players (Part 1)

Top good online PC games but are underestimated by players (Part 1)

To be honest, these online games are pretty good and not bad at all, but are still underestimated by many people.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

On the surface, Yoshi Crafted World is a very simple game. You may find it unattractive and this is not something you want to invest time in playing, but don’t let the original eye-catching image of this game fool you.

Although Yoshi Crafted World is easy at the first few levels, it will become more and more difficult as you overcome various challenges your way. In fact, it is the style of increasing difficulty that really makes this game run against one of the best games of the year.

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At the moment, it’s underestimated but will almost certainly start to move forward when people realize there’s a lot more to discover from this game compared to the lackluster impression at first.

You can think of the first level as a training exercise, or as a teaser. They allow you to understand how to play the game and determine your strategy. This will help you as you continue your efforts to master Yoshi Crafted World.

Katana Zero

Katana Zero is most likely to be underestimated as it is a popular genre. This is a retro action game like many other games that seem to have invaded the market in recent years. However, Katana Zero is very different from other games today so it is definitely worth playing.

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There are many actions built in the game that are truly unique and creative. The beauty of Katana Zero is that it uses time manipulation. This is a different gaming strategy than many other video games.

In addition, the entertainment element of the game is also perfectly met with a great blend of music and a fascinating future world. Not many games on the market can do this, so it’s astonishing that Katana Zero is still so underrated. But it won’t stay there forever, that’s for sure.