Top attractive online games on PC that you may not try yet (Part 3)

Top attractive online games on PC that you may not try yet (Part 3)

Valgrave: Immortal Plains

With 5 available magic slots, you can experiment with different gameplay styles. You can use teleportation from afar or buff the speed and power to rush into melee with the enemy.

Each match will consist of 60 players and support solo or team modes. In the team mode with different combo sets, you can combine up to 1000 interesting types between the characters in the party. On the battlefield there will be neutral camps that help you farm to gain more equipment or weapons.

Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse

Possessing beautiful graphics, Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse is a combination of the gameplay of battle royale genres, conquering castles and fighting monsters in a fantasy world of the medieval period. The game will include many different game modes, but the main mode will be the battle royale mode.

The battles in Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse take place in extremely monumental and vast environment, where you can attack through walls and blow up entire buildings. The game gives you a variety of options for magic and weapons, allowing you to create many different fighting styles.

However, this game seems to be among good online PC games but are underestimated by players.


DemonsAreCrazy offers a combination of MOBA series and a bit of crazy cutting-edge elements of ARPG. Unlike the traditional MOBA genre, depending on the type of demon you transform into will determine the first or third perspective. Players will be forced to challenge themselves by learning and adapting the play of each demon in the game.

At the beginning stage there will be 18 demon lords to choose from, but you can choose special abilities and skills to change. Also DemonsAreCrazy game also owns many diverse game modes from PVP to PVE events for players to experience. The game also includes familiar features of the MMORPG series such as Side Quests, maid house, guild…


Darksburg is an action survival game borrowed heavily from MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA II, but like Left 4 Dead and Diablo.

4 players will have to combine to defend in front of a bunch of zombies are flooding everywhere. The game has a interface and UI quite similar to contemporary MOBA, creating a unique co-op survival experience. Players will use the moves in the MOBA game against a series of scary zombies.

Above are top attractive online games on PC. These amazing games promise to bring you hours of enjoyment!