Top attractive online games on PC that you may not try yet (Part 2)

Top attractive online games on PC that you may not try yet (Part 2)

Guts And Goals

Guts And Goals possesses a fighting style that is not too strange to players but still extremely attractive and entertaining. Guts And Goals are set in a multiplayer soccer game. There, you don’t just beat your opponent in the usual sense, but actually literally use your club to beat them.

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When playing, each player is holding a stick like a baseball bat. This item can be used for polishing, but the main purpose is still to fight. The game offers more than 20 different character choices with unique abilities. The matches are also fast and chaotic with the 3v3 series.

Agents: Biohunters

The gameplay of the client game Agents: Biohunters is quite diverse when it allows you to compete not only with other players on the PC but also with giant AI-controlled monsters. The game offers colorful graphic style and unpredictable PvP, PvE gameplay.

Unlike in other MOBA games where players primarily try to take out the main house of an enemy, in Agents: Biohunters the ultimate goal of each team is to capture as many monsters as possible.

Each agent in the game has a unique skill similar to heroes from other MOBA games, but its export mechanism is quite similar to Overwatch and the rhythm of the game. The game will be much faster, so maybe some pure MOBA gamers will find it hard to keep up.


Watchers is a survival game that offers another dimension that includes giving you a bet on surviving players that you trust. So even after being destroyed by others, you can still continue to participate in the game on your own.

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Specifically, similar to other Battle Royale games, you will fight to achieve the highest rank and earn yourself worthy rewards. The total number of participants in a match is 24 people. That means you must eliminate the remaining 23 people to win.

The second, much more novel and unique way are that once destroyed, you can bet on one of the survivors. If this person wins the game in the top 1 position, you will also receive extremely valuable rewards.