Top 5 best sports games to try on PC in 2020 (Part 3)

Top 5 best sports games to try on PC in 2020 (Part 3)

The Need For Speed ​​game content includes controlling your car to achieve the best results with countless obstacles such as being chased by police by car, helicopter, or having to dodge normal cars in front of you due to racing downtown.

You can also play the role of a police officer to find a way to block illegal racing cars. In tournament/career mode, players must win a series of races to unlock cars, races…

4. Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL is named after Football coach and professional commentator John Madden and has sold over 130 million copies.

Up to now, the Madden NFL game has released a total of 40 versions and is continuously published every year. The game is mainly aimed at players in the US, where this rugby is very popular.

It is also the only officially licensed video game by the US National Rugby League (NFL) and has influenced many of the sport’s players and coaches. Among the game’s features are detailed playbook and player stats, and real NFL-style voice commentary.

EA Tiburon claims that Madden NFL 21 will include a new club skill ball conveying system that gives the user full control (?) And new fast pass movements are introduced. New handling changes and user-controlled celebrations have also been added.

5. NBA 2K21

As a combination of FIFA and PES, the NBA is a super sports game for those who have a passion for basketball. Beautiful design, precise shaping to every detail and especially full copyright have helped the game always be in the top sports game most popular in 2020. When participating, players will have the opportunity to Extreme gameplay through drunk screen vibrations and 3 precise points.

In the context of the game NBA, this year was postponed due to Covid-19, the game producer has made a bold decision that is held NBA 2K20 with the participation of 16 top star names such as Andre Drummond, Donovan Mitchell, and Demarcus Cousins on April 3.


Every year, the ranking of the best sports games is updated and changed. However, the top 5 best sports games of all time, always occupying the top of the hot and the expectations of the above-mentioned gamers, have little change.

The function of dozens of updated versions almost every year helps the game to always be refreshed, upgraded in graphics, sound, gameplay as well as other new requirements from the market to help them satisfy the most demanding gamers.