The most highly-recommended sports games that worth playing nowadays (Part 1)

The most highly-recommended sports games that worth playing nowadays (Part 1)

There will be many people asking the question which top sports games are worth playing the most, the article below will outline the names that deserve to be on the list of top sports games worth playing.

It’s strange that sports games were born, making many people wonder why you have to play soccer games when you can go to the field to kick soccer yourself? Why sit and play boxing games when you can stand in the middle of the ring to challenge other opponents?

Everything is very simple, sometimes these games are the entertainment means for professional athletes. Sometimes, the place for some people to fulfill their burning dreams about sports because they do not have enough in terms of health to be able to fulfill their dreams.


No need to argue that FIFA is always the No. 1 sports game brand in the world, even though it is like squeezing lemon every year, the game releases a new version, but it still does not make the fans bored. with this game. The joy of the majority of gamers when coming to the FIFA series is to own and control the famous players they love.

The launch of FIFA Online also attracts millions of gamers to compete for hundreds of virtual soccer seasons, along with large tournament systems with dream bonuses that help gamers can. live with your passion.

2. Tony Hawk’s

Although it is an old game series released many years ago, this is the only series ever to bring success to the street sports game series. Tony Hawk’s focuses on the extreme sport of skateboarding, the real-life protagonist is a professional skateboarder with skills that have become legendary.

The game not only gives players the feeling of extreme excitement when performing the artistic performances but also shows the youthfulness, dynamism, fitness, and generosity of those who are passionate about this type of sport… For many gamers who do not have the talent or the health to participate in this adventure skateboarding game, Tony Hawk’s series is their savior.