The best city building simulation games to try on PC (Part 3)

The best city building simulation games to try on PC (Part 3)

In a city building game or for PC Banished a player will begin to build their land with a group of people and certain resources. Therefore, you must calculate the appropriate use of resources to build utility works then gradually expand your village and explore nature, develop a bigger city.

In the process, the player will suffer consequences from whatever they do. For example, with the exploitation of resources in the game, the player can only get wood from the forest, but if too much exploitation will result in the forest exhausted, hunting too many wild animals will make them unable to reproduce. As your village grows, merchants will come to buy and sell and exchange valuable resources and assets.

Simcity 4S

In the SimCity 4 game, players can design and build projects in their cities such as residential areas, industrial parks, banks, hospitals or sports, amusement parks, and development projects. information, utility services… into a truly urban area.

world in the SimCity 4 game is as real as real life

In addition to a building, you also need to develop a rich metropolitan city, through good financial management, environment, and quality of life of the population. The world in the SimCity 4 game is as real as real life with the time of day and night alternating.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect belongs to the category of construction game, but not a city, but build and manage a prison, it’s unique, isn’t it? When participating in the game, players need to build and control tight defense systems in the prison to ensure maximum security.

Players can recruit more security staff for the house to ensure order such as scuffle, fight, harass, or even organize prison escape, the riot of prisoners.

Industry Empire

The last PC city-building simulation game introduced was Industry Empire. The difference of the Industry Empire is that it does not focus too much on construction but also needs to develop the industry for the city.

Players will transform into the boss at the top of all projects of crafting and building factories for life. Your role is crucial, and the decisions made will affect the future of the city.


Above are the top 6 most interesting pc city building games that you definitely won’t be disappointed when choosing. Show your unlimited creativity to build your own city. Wish you have the most enjoyable experiences.