NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball – one of the best basketball gaming apps (Part 2)

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball – one of the best basketball gaming apps (Part 2)

In this part, we will continue learning more about one of the best basketball gaming apps – NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball!

Receive players from gift cards

Not only build your team, but you can transform into the players you love, run and jump on the field, make impressive passes, score or throw 3 points. Also, the players will have additional features that are opened up each level to make the game more exciting and interesting.

The smooth manipulation of the game

When playing NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball you can join the competition with different modes such as ARENA (play online with other players) or other options such as Showdown, Season. With the gameplay that follows the rules of international basketball competition, the position to score 2 points or 3 points is simulated accurately.

Game rules

In ARENA mode, players only play 1 round, so be very alert and focus your best to win. When winning, the player’s rank will increase while meeting opponents that match their rank. You will not have to worry about an opponent that is too strong or too weak for you.

Online match mode

SHOWDOWN is a game mode similar to ARENA but instead of playing directly with the opponent, to save time waiting, you will be playing immediately with the opponent’s lineup, then waiting for the opponent to play. back to your squad. The game will sum up the points to divide the players win and lose.

Showdown mode in the game

SEASON this is a game mode against the machine, you will lead the team to compete with the familiar teams of the NBA. The match was exactly like a real basketball match, played within 4 rounds.

So, don’t let your guard down or let your guard down and lose victory at hand or give up too soon because the game is still so long ahead. Let’s win against all our opponents to win the championship!