Complete review of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball game

Complete review of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball game

Received full copyright from the American professional basketball association NBA, so NBA Live Mobile offers a great advantage in fully owning the names of the biggest stars and all major football teams.

NBA Live Mobile takes advantage of many details from the Ultimate Team mode from the Console version to create a game in the style of team management and development.

At the beginning of NBA Live Mobile, players will go through the basic steps in how to play with detailed instructions and practice. So don’t worry about whether the game is difficult to play or not. The game aims to choose for yourself a favorite team, build and bring that team to glorious victories.

Like the team management mode of other sports games, NBA Live Mobile includes 2 most important points. First, the ability to control the game to help the team win. And second, the ability to build a stronger squad for the team.

Control skills are still manipulations with knowledge of tactics while building and developing the team depends on the hard work. When you pass certain milestones, you will receive bonus packs that include playing cards. Getting delicious cards will help upgrade an existing squad.

Of course, having a strong lineup makes it easier to beat opponents in a controlled match. That is also the ultimate goal of the game.

Multiple sub-modes

Inside the game, there are many different sub-modes that will be opened gradually according to the playing process. This factor will help players feel less bored.

Control Factors

The current NBA Live Mobile version has gained a lot of experience in improving the control mode, a mobile platform’s weakness for sports games. This time alone, the control mechanism of NBA Live Mobile has been raised to new level making adjustments easier and much simpler.

Music and sound

The music of the game is hard to blame when it’s still hip-hop music that is played at different times in the game, creating a sense of excitement.

With this NBA Live Mobile, EA once again showed their strength in the sports game segment. The game can fully score a score of 4.7, with the highest score being 5 for mobile games. The game is worth playing for a long time with attractive main gameplay and many extra modes. If you want more knowledge about the NBA then this is also a game to play.